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Stein IP LLC is a full service intellectual property law firm with an emphasis on intellectual property creation and maximization. With a diverse clientele, including large multinational corporations, as well as small to midsize domestic and international companies, the attorneys of Stein IP LLC have worked with and counseled clients on the use of intellectual property as a tool for maximizing the protection of their research and development efforts.

We here at Stein IP LLC understand that our clients desire a firm that places a client first, a law firm that treats each client, no matter how large or small, as their most important one.  We provide very prompt service, keep our clients informed at each step in all matters being handled and provide reminders well in advance so no important deadlines are missed or extension of time fees incurred.  We understand that budgets matter, so we perform our work in the most cost effective manner possible, seeking the most efficient ways forward and keeping our overhead low so that we can pass along such savings.  Also, our attention to detail is a feature in which we take great pride.

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Not sure where to start? We know the process and the formalities can be difficult. We can do more than just prepare and file your application. We specialize in prosecution. Let us take the wheel and have one of our expert attorneys draft your patent application. We will be with you every step of the way from drafting your patent to obtaining grant. Stein IP LLC has a wide network of foreign associates to handle IP matters in any country/region in the world when our clients seek IP protection outside the United States. Get started, contact us.



Protecting one’s brand has become increasingly important in today’s world.  Whether it be seeking trademark protection in the USPTO or going after infringers, we work closely with our clients to maximize the scope of word or logo mark relative to third parties. Get started, contact us.



We litigate all matters of Intellectual Property. We can represent you as Petitioner/Plaintiff or as Respondent/Defendant. Get started, contact us.

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